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Weekly wrap up 1/12/18 Andover , NJ and Online Kettlebell Training

Hey Everyone,

Its the end of the first full week of 2018, I hope you started finding your groove this week.

Nutrition has been a big topic I have been talking about in my e-mails this week, no matter what your goals are nutrition gas to be on the forefront of your plan.

You do have a plan right?

Without a plan it is easy to go astray, having something to follow makes it more of a paint by numbers rather than flying off the seat of your pants.

I think its easier for everyone to see a training plan but I think a nutrition plan is even more important, there are way to many ways to go astray with nutrition so I think its even more important. Here are a couple tips to get yourself started: .

  • Pick a habit you want to start working on, it can be more than one if you feel comfortable and depending where you are at in your fitness journey but dont let yourself get overwhelmed and then derailed.
  • Plan ( there is that word again, must be a theme today) your meals for the week or if thats too much at least the night before and prepare as much as you can, being unprepared with your nutrition leads to grabbing anything.
  • Dont let yourself get to that :over hungry state, that will definitely lead to going astray.
  • Sleep is very important as well as controlling stress, both of those things will lead to falling off the wagon.
  • Clean out your kitchen, I am sure some of you still have the holiday treats still in there, dont make it too easy to cheat, if you have to think about it and go to the store, you have a fighting chance.

These are just a few things you can do, by no means a complete list but a good start. There is also a bunch of stuff that is personal to you and things you need to plan for with your nutrition, traveling for business, kids, parents  ect, so make sure you take those into consideration when developing you weekly/daily plan.

If you need help developing your own plan, reply back to this e-mail and we can talk more. Also we can set up a free success session to see if we are a right fit to train together.

In a shift to training, this was the first week on the new cycle for Kettlebell sport training for the spring competitions, dont worry if you are still on the fence, we still have a couple weeks to get started but if you are interested shoot me a e-mail and let me know you are thinking about it and we can talk more.

That brings me to the topic of Kettlebell sport, it dosent have to be a sport!

People say to me all the time, I dont want to compete, I get it, I dont always want to either but here is a short list of reasons why training Kettlebell sport for fitness is a great modality to include:

  • Compact training, this is a big one for most people, getting the time to workout is hard for most people, you can get a ton of work done with Kettlebell sport in 10-15 minuets a couple times per week. If you want to compete at the sport you need to put in more time, but for fitness this would get you a great full body workout in that time plus cardio!
  • As said in the first reason, it is a compact full body workout that you can change the stimulus by changing such things as weight,, reps per minute and time.
  • Promotes functional fleability
  • Great for grip strength for combat sports
  • Low impact
  • Mentally challenging
  • Its cyclical pattern translates into a great counterpart training for running, cycling,swimming ect.
  • Lets you really work on developing good form with the classic Kettlebell lifts and enables you to use them properly in mixed modality circuits and W.O.Ds such as CrossFit .
  • Lets you see progressions with the increase of weight , time , reps or all 3.
  • Burns tons of calories ( I probably should have started with that) even after training is done

I can go on and on about this style of training, coupled with good nutrion it can help you get in the best shape of your life in a tiny package.

If you are interested in working on your classic Kettlebell Lifts give my Online/distance training program a try for 1 month $75. For more info check it out here:


And if you are interested in Kettlebell Sport training for competing check out more info here:


Any Questions feel free to E-mail me at info@qkettlebellclub.com


Yours in health,


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