Are you hungry?

One of the biggest things we here from people who first transition to a “Paleo” lifestyle is I am Hungry! More times than not its because you have taken foods out of your diet that are very high in carbs and your fat is too low. Even though we don’t preach a low ¬†or no carb diet, just by going Paleo brings the carbs down a lot lower than most of us do before, so with that we need to increase our fats for energy. Avocados, olives, coconut, Ghee, fats from meats and fish, and some nuts and seeds in limited quantities are great choices! Don’t be afraid of fats!

Here are a couple great resources to check out:

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Are you a Swinger?

From the first time I picked up a Ketlebell I knew there was something special about it, but of all the movements you can do with them, classic and non classic lifts, probably the best bang for you buck is the swing. Its where it all starts but you can do so much with it. A really simple workout you can do anywhere with one Kettlebell is:

1 Min Swings
1 Min Mt Climbers

Check out a video here:

You can scale it in either direction to make it harder or easier, do as many rounds as you see fit.

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