Our Programs

group training 2 Group trainingGroup Training

  • Our group training classes are designed for all levels.  The classes include mixed modality Kettlebells, Bodyweight exercises, odd objects used at a high intensity and are sensibly varied.  The biggest benefit of our Group Training classes is the great community you get to train with!

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Personal Training

  • Get the results you want quickly with a program designed just for you! We can build a program for whatever your goals are, Weight loss/Lifestyle Change, to Conditioning for you next fight, and everything in between.

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Semi Private/Small Group Training

  • Share the session with up to four friends and still get individualized programming, or book a small group training session (up to 10) for a team, community group, work group ect.

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kettlebell-training (1) kettlebell-training (2)Kettlebell Sport Training

  • One of our specialties; Kettlebell Sport (Girevoy Sport) is a low impact sport that involves technique, endurance, strength endurance and above all mental toughness. The classic Kettlebell lifts (Jerk, Snatch and Longcycle) are competed for 10 minute sets. This is a great sport for anyone who likes sports such as running, rowing, and swimming and is a great for anyone involved in Combat sports to incorporate into there training regimen. Kettlebell sport is great for anyone from 8-80. All of our coaches are high level Kettlebell sport athletes on a national and international level and can ensure you get started right and make great gains. Online training is also available

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