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Online Kettlebell Training, Workout Tip Tuesday 3/28/17

Todays workout tip tuesday we will talk about another common Kettlebell fault when we push press or Jerk, that is not pushing your hips forward on the first dip, there are a couple of things that happen from not pushing your hips forward:


  1. At the starting point of the Jerk or Push press we are in what we call in the rack position or essentially the starting position, a big thing in this position is the connection between the elbows and our torso,. We want to make sure we keep this connection through the first dip, if we don’t we will be holding the load  only with our arms and shoulders and will result in ending our set early due to unnecessary fatigue of trying to support the bells without that connection. Bringing the hip forward will maintain that connection during the first dip and allow for a proper transfer to the overhead position in either move. With a barbell we maintain the rack position in a different way and it is important for our torso to move straight up and down to maintain that connection.  
  2. Without this connection you will also not have a proper bump or send off with the jerk as well as not having a proper transfer to the overhead in either move, your tendency will be to lead with your elbows  in a less direct trajectory.
  3. Not pushing the hips forward in these movements will also lead to more pressure on your knees by sending your hips back instead of forward on the first dip.

Wrong first dip


Right first dip



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