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Online Kettlebell Training, Workout Tip Tuesday 3/21/17

Hey Everyone,

A couple of weeks ago I sent a email  about 10 of the most common Kettlebell mistakes I run into at Q, in the next upcoming weeks I would like to dig in on some of them and talk about some of the individual faults. Last week I sent a email around about snatch so this week I am going to dig into a common Snatch lift fault.


The first fault I want to talk about is not getting the hand through deep enough in the Kettlebell handle from going from the swing to the lockout. By not getting your hand through deep enough, this will result in ending your set early or worse injury.


A couple reasons why your hand may not go deep enough through the Kettlebell:


  • You are not taking your hand slightly out of the handle and inserting it back through deep enough. This will result in bending your wrist back and is very uncomfortable on longer sets.
  • Over gripping of the Kettlebell will also cause your hand not to go deep enough through the handle , it will also cause a hard bang on the back of your wrist and cause bruising. Taking a very light grip will fix this and also cut down on ripping your hands through longer sets. This is a common fault of beginners who are afraid of dropping it if they dont grip it hard enough.
  • Not being aggressive enough with the hand insertion/ having your arm too bent when you punch through will also cause a shallow hand insertion. Another common fault of beginner snatchers who are afraid to insert their hand agressive enough.  
  • Wrist guards are notorious for not getting your hand through deep enough, once technique is squared away no wrist guards are needed but if you want to wear them be sure they are thin enough not to get in the way of hand insertion.


I hope these tips help with your Snatching technique, snatch is definitely the most technical of the Kettlebell lifts but is also in my opinion one of the most rewarding as well!


Yours in Health,
Eric and the Q Kettlebell Family

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