Q Kettlebell Club



  •  Mark worochMy experience at Q has been transformational on so many levels.  I use to do the traditional trot to the gym.  Bang out my reps day in day out,  week after week.  Did I see results?  Sure.  But only for about the first month.  After that the weights I was using plateaued and it was the same monotonous routine over and over and eventually I got bored and just stopped going.  I’ve been a part of the Q-team for about three months now.  I can say with out a doubt that I’m in the best shape of my life right now!  I have been consistently crushing my PR’s (personal records) every week and I’m not only stronger than ever but I’m much faster, more flexible, more explosive,  more agile,  and have better stamina and endurance than ever before.  The other thing that has had a huge impact on me is the mental conditioning that you go through with every workout.  After a couple weeks you start to see a drastic change in your attitude and posture towards life in general in a very positive way.  It’s hard to explain.  I’m sure it’s a little different for everyone but it’s a huge part of what happens to you at here.  You can see it in all your team mates, too.  Everyone grows and changes together as a team and the bonds are pretty strong.
  •  Mark woroch2As for the coaches here,  I can’t say enough!  Eric and Lauren are some of the most knowledgeable people on the subject of fitness.  Period.  They have more accolades and certifications then you can shake a stick at but the true genius is in their approach to their students.  They really, really want you to succeed!  You can see the sincerity in their face when you have your own personal breakthroughs and their support and patience seem endless.  I myself have been struggling with an old shoulder injury and Eric has been helping me get healthy again.  He has been giving me a rehab type routine using Indian Clubs that has worked wonders and has custom tailored a different  workout routine specifically for me while I heal.  Lauren has been great for me on so many levels.  Especially the mental toughness side of the workouts.  She really knows how to get you to do things that you think you can’t!  It’s amazing what she has done for me and the others physically and mentally.
  •  I can go on and on!  Q Kettlebell Strength and Conditioning has been awesome for me!  I am completely hooked!  I couldn’t imagine not doing it now.  In the three months that I’ve been a part of it we have never done the same routine twice.  It’s great!  It’s like an adventure every time you get there.  I’m a lifer and I just started!

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