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Hey Everyone,

When I was a kid in the late 70s- early 80s, there as a show on some of the rock radio stations called “Desert Island Discs”.

Not sure when it started or when and even if it ever ended, there is probably a internet version of it out there somewhere, but the basic concept was a celebrity would come on and give the songs/albums he or she couldn’t live without if they where stuck on a island.  I think the had to pick a few other things as well such as creature comforts etc.

For some reason the reference always stayed with me and I always thought what would those records (yes I said Records) be that I couldn’t live without. What is always on my phone just so I have it and listen to it whenever I want.

I always think about this in terms of other stuff as well so fitness tools are no  exception! What would be those tools I would bring with me if I was going to be stranded on a deserted island?

Now at this point it might start seeming like Gilligan’s Island and you might say, if you have all those things why not build something to get yourself off the island?I get it, just play along!

So here is my list of fitness tools that I cannot live without, I am also going to give you the albums I cannot live without with the tool. now some of you my no I am a Metalhead so some of the albums might be obscure to some..

5.   Mace or Gada/ Misfits – Walk among us:     I love this tool, 360 degrees of strength and conditioning. A lot of bang for your buck with this tool folks. This one I can probably rig something up with bamboo and rocks, hey I have nothing but time on my hands!

4. 2lb Indian Clubs / Kyuss – Welcome too Sky Valley:   I chose this tool for a couple reasons, it is a great mobility tool as well as a great lo impact workout but probably the biggest reason why I would want this is for the mental stimulation, Indian clubs offer a lot of mental as well as physical work and they are a great source of entertainment in practicing the movements. It doesn’t really feel like exercise and being stranded I will need something to do for the mind as well.

3. Concept 2 Rower / Opeth- Blackwater Park:   So this is that one that I could build something out of and get off the Island, I know, I know but maybe I don’t want to leave! Seriously this is a great piece of gear, it can be a strength or conditioning tool depending how you use it, like the Indian Clubs not too many days go by that I don’t do some kind of rowing even to just warm up. I call it the unsung hero of my fitness regime!

2.. Bodyweight / Iron Maiden / Iron Maiden:   I wasn’t sure if I was going to put bodyweight on,  I was kinda thinking well of course you always have bodyweight with you but the reality this is just a fun way to show the importance of these fitness tools and bodyweight training is really one of my main modalities I use. There is simply no better tool out there to use and it carries over so much in life especially as we age. It can be as simple or complex as you want it to be. Bodyweight Training should be a important part of any fitness program.

And my number one tool that I just cant live without, you probably have guessed it by now,

1.  Kettlebell / Black Sabbath – Volume 4    Of course it would be a Kettlebell, the most complete tool in my opinion (I go back and forth between this and bodyweight but the KB won out). as much as there is one and a lot of it depends how you use it. It can be a strength tool, conditioning, endurance, strength endurance.  If I had to choose one bell I would pick a single 32K and spend the rest of my days on the island trying to snatch the hell out of it!

Lets face it, we aren’t on a deserted and in this day and age we can probably get a signal on it anyway but seriously these are all great tools to incorporate into your training regime. They can each offer you great fitness but also a lifetime of work to try to perfect and that will keep you fit for the ages.

Yours in Health,



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