Q Kettlebell Club


From MARK WOROCH  My experience at Q has been transformational on so many levels.  I use to do the traditional trot to the gym.  Bang out my reps day in day out,  week after week.  Did I see results?  Sure.  But only for about the first month.  After that the weights I was using plateaued … Read more

Lauren Patterson

From Lauren Patterson I want to give Q  a BIG thank you for all the customized workouts throughout my pregnancy. 34 weeks and going strong with the help of professional and caring coaches! For all of you looking for a great gym that focuses on technique and hard work, give them a try.

Angie Sporer

I have been a member of “Q” since August of 2012. I have been an avid exerciser/gym go-er/ health enthusiast since I was little, but “Q” has been, by far the best thing that I have ever done. With other gyms, or doing videos at home, it was easy to get bored and not want … Read more

Krista Terry

I have been a fitness junkie my whole life, so I don’t give compliments often in this area. Eric and Lauren are amazing coaches who truly know their stuff and care about their clients. Their healthy lifestyles are contagious, the workouts are always challenging, varied, fun, and super addicting. Working out at Q is the … Read more