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Andover,NJ Kettlebell Training, Training Tip Tuesday 3/14/17


Kettlebell Training is obviously one of our favorite training tools at Q and for so many great reason! They are a great,workout the encompasses Strength, conditioning, mobility, flexibility, mental fortitude and it’s something you can train for your entire life, great for young and old.
There are a lot of great Kettlebell exercises, all have a great effect when done correctly, but none gives you more bang for your buck than the Kettlebell Snatch!
The Kettlebell snatch is swinging the Kettlebell between the legs and lifted over head in one smooth movement and brought to a complete stop or “lockout”. Then dropped to either the shoulder(half snatch) then dropped into the back swing to complete another rep or dropped right into the back swing from the top(full swing) to complete another rep.
There are many different styles of the Kettlebell snatch, the one we prefer at the Q is the sport style or GS style. It can be performed at a full or half snatch.
Don’t be intimidated   by it being called sport, it is actually also referred to as the “soft style” as opposed to the” Hard style” snatch.
In Kettlebell sport the lifts are performed for a 10 minute set non stop, so the movement has to be performed low impact and smooth and the technique was developed to avoid injuries.
In his style of Kettlebell snatch,, there are also a lot of individual stylistic techniques, but there are a few common faults that should be adhered to so you get the most out of your lift and avoid injuries.
1: Don’t over-grip[ the Kettlebell- Make sure your grip is loose on the Kettlebell, if not, A: the Kettlebell will bang your wrist on hand insertion or B: The potential is greater to rip your hand.
2:Don’t Pull too early: If you pull too early and don’t complete your swing, you will get more grip fatigue and have to end your set early.
3:Don’t insert the hand too late: If you insert the hand too late into the Kettlebell handle, the momentum of the Kettlebell will keep going past the safe point of hand insertion and injuries can come from the Kettlebell traveling too far back from the desired lockout point.
The most important thing in the Kettlebell Snatch is connection! Connection on the swing and connection on the drop back into the next rep, without that you put yourself at risk of low back injuries as well as more of a chance to rip your hand on the drop.
Yours in Health,
Eric and the Q Kettlebell Family
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