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Hey Everyone, Hope you had a great weekend and are looking foward to another great week of training! Did you download my 4 week Kettlebell Snatch program? If not it is still avalible to download here: https://qkettlebell.lpages.co/leadbox/142b07173f72a2%3A17b60cbf7746dc/5750085036015616/ Please dont hesitate if you have any questions, just hit reply. A long time online client Jessica and … Read more

Online Kettlebell Training Snatch Primer

Hey Everyone, Happy hump day! Hope the week has been going good. I relesed a free 4 week Kettlebell Snatch training plan, if you havent gotten it you can dowload it here: https://qkettlebell.lpages.co/leadbox/142b07173f72a2%3A17b60cbf7746dc/5750085036015616/ I recorded a Kettlebell Snatch primer video you can check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBal-EfXorc Any questions or comments or help getting started … Read more