Q Kettlebell Club

Hump Day Motivation 12/14/16

The Devil is in the Details! When creating a new lifestyle, all of the little things you continuously do everyday make all the difference.  Logging your food, prepping your meals, exercise, etc., all things, big and small are important! All these things combined on a daily basis are the steps you need to take, to help … Read more

Hump Day Motivation 12/7/16

“I know what to do,” but… What is stopping you from reaching your health and fitness goals? There will always be something in the way, holidays, birthdays, funerals, and life in general. We could have a different issue each day to stop us from starting. Don’t keep putting it off until the “perfect” time.   Take … Read more

Monthly Newsletter 12/16

Since the newsletter was a day late, your Friday recipe is inside, enjoy and have a great weekend Nutrition/Lifestyle Rants and Raves   Paleo, macro, vegetarian, oh my! It is always very confusing when it comes to nutrition you can certainly get ” lost in the sauce”. It is far worse since the internet and … Read more