Q Kettlebell Club

Friday Recipe 10/28/16

Here Is your Friday Recipe, great chicken and cabbage dish, the family had it last night. Don’t forget the challenge starts next week, you don’t want to miss out! Still have 2 spots, they are sure to go by the weekend! Still time to step up and make a change now. Register here: https://qkettlebell.leadpages.co/healthy-for-the-holidays/ Have … Read more

Hump Day Motivation 10/26/16

Make your move before you are ready! I hear all the time people say, “I am going to start my workout program after the holidays”, “I am going to start eating better next week because my kid has a birthday party.” It doesn’t even have to be Health and fitness related, it could be anything … Read more

Friday recipe 10/14/16 and bring a Friend day

Since the weather is starting to finally feel like fall, I decided to send something in season.  I am a big fan of the fall squash that’s available now, especially butternut.  Enjoy! Also on Monday the 17th and Saturday the 22nd we will be having our monthly bring a friend day, all class our open, no … Read more

Lets go clubbing!

Simple and effective tool for mobility with very little time investment.  One of my favorite sessions is with my client Larry. Larry is a 75 yr old with big time mobility issues. Larry is extremely active, has good exercise habits but is limited by his mobility. Larry had come to me to learn some Kettlebell … Read more

Hump Day Motivation 10/12/16

We all have times when we fall off of our path; sometimes it’s planned, and sometimes it’s not. The important thing is what we  do when we go off the path. Do we get back on, or do we keep going in the other direction? This relates to many areas of life. We find a … Read more

Friday Recipe 10/7/2016

Here is your weekly Friday recipe, I find the weekends are great times to do some of the bigger recipes where as during the week we usually like to use our “go too” ones that are quick, easy and we know we like them, Enjoy! P.S. We have plenty of great Holiday recipes, check out … Read more

10/5 Hump Day Motivation

Everyone wants change; to loose weight, to gain weight, to feel better, attain better health, performance, ect. The thing about change, is it doesn’t come for free! One of the biggest lessons I learned in Paris Island is that the price of change comes at being uncomfortable. Without that, change cannot happen. In boot camp, they are changing us … Read more