Q Kettlebell Club

The Zen of a Girevik

IMG_20141115_160012_074As my alarm goes off 4:30 am on a Sunday morning, I can tell its cold, still snow on the ground from the other day, I go to the barn to turn  the heater on to try to warm up the room before  I bring out  the bells. My first thoughts are why am I doing this? I have no contest coming up anytime soon, its  not a big peak set, I surely could take the day off. It suddenly dawned on me,  this is my lifestyle, being A Girevik , A Kettlebell lifter.

I don’t do it for the competitions, although that’s what drew me to this style of Kettlebell lifting in the first place, that seems secondary to me know. I do it know for the “Zen of Kettlebell Lifting”, trying to perfect my craft, trying to make every drop the same, every lockout perfect .

I sometimes wish our style of Kettlebell lifting didn’t have “sport” in the name, I think it makes everyone think if you aren’t competing, there is no need to do it. I think of our style of Kettlebell lifting  like my Yoga friends call there Yoga, There “practice”. If I practice my lifts through out the week systematically, I will reap the benefits from it, Health and Fitness.

I still love competitions , I host one, I train people for them and still do them myself. They are a great culmination to see where we are at and measure our progress. Also there are many great people around our community and its  a great reason to get together and share thoughts, techniques, ideas and cheer each other on to reach our goals. But our “practice” is much more than the competition aspect, at least for me, its the “Zen of a Girevik”