Q Kettlebell Club

WOD 11.1.13

Pull Ups Broken Down ‘Fran’kenstein (why didn’t I think of this YESTERDAY?!?!) 21.15.9 Front Squats Push Press Bent Over Row **every time you put the bar down, 3 Burpees before you pick it up!

WOD 10.23.13

LongCycle-  2,4,6,8 Ladder   3,6,9,12,15 Thrusters and SDLHP 13 min to complete *with the remaining time, complete as many Bar Facing Burpees As Possible your score = # of Burpees   Happy Birthday, ED!!!

WOD 10.21.13

Reminder! Tuesday – 10:15am & Wednesday – 7:15 Nutrition Seminar and the Challenge starts this Friday!! Front Squat 12 min AMRAP 1 Double Catch Squat 1 Ab Mat then 2 of each, 3 of each…and so on…