Why Kettlebell training?

Kettlebells force the body to work as one unit. This type of exercise reflects the demands we put on our bodies during everyday activities. Unlike typical strength training circuits and stationary exercise machines, the asymmetrical construction of the kettlebell requires core engagement throughout every repetition. Training the entire body as one energy system reveals weak links, while increasing functionality.

Healthy Joints

Because kettlebell exercises are no/low impact, there is little strain on the joints. Increases in range of motion, improved balance, muscular recruitment, and flexibility around joints have been reported by individuals participating in kettlebell training.
Kettlebell training is great for general fitness as well as a great training tool for sports such as Golf, combat sports, endurance athletes or any sports you enjoy.

Jennifer Romano-Leaman

When I started training kettlebells 3 years ago I had no idea what I was doing. I had only 10 weeks of training for my first competition, and with Eric’s hard work, determination and expertise I came in first place. His passion for kettlebells shows through his coaching. Now I can’t imagine not training with the bells.

Jeanine Doran

I started training for kettlebell sport with Eric Reyelt in 2013. I had trained with him and other coaches that work for him previously on just a crossfit-type level since 2008, but not strictly for competition. I have to say at first, it was a bit daunting. I was 43 years old and under the impression I was pretty fit. Kettlebells gave me a different opinion. Instead of giving up, Eric pushed me quietly and steadily. He is not an “In You Face” coach. He lets you know he has confidence in you and therefore you have confidence in yourself. He doesn’t quit on you and you learn not to quit on yourself. Kettlebell sport is more of a mental game in the end than a strength one. Eric gives you the tools to get through the hardest 10 minutes of your life…..and makes you want to do it again. At 47 now, I can say I am stronger than I ever thought I could be and am not afraid to try new things. I’m considering competing again, this time with double bells. And I wouldn’t do it with anyone but Eric as my coach.

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